Brussels / Paris


Saturday 10 November

About the Performers
Mathilde Fernandez comes from the world of visual arts. It is by exploring the various possibilities of her voice that her musical project begins. Today in electro and acoustic, we find in her voice strong lyrical influences and a reference to a large family of women who accompanied and cherished her: Nina Hagen, Catherine Bush, Catherine Ringer, Lene Lovitch, Diamanda Galas, Oum Kalthoum or Armande Altai. She released her first EP in 2016 entitled LIVE IN LAS VEGAS, her second album Hyperstition is scheduled for September 2018. At the head of the realization of her clips and visuals, Fernandez enriches her baroque universe with collaborations: The Tender Emeute, Perez or the Woman. Originally from the south of France, Mathilde Fernandez lives and works between Brussels and Paris. 

The unlikely point of meeting between Callas, Nina Hagen, Kate Bush, Catherine Ringer, Diamanda Galas is Mathilde Fernandez. Her baroque performances, lyrical talents and stage presence make each of her appearances sublime.


Mathilde Fernandez
© Servan Edern Ilyne