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About the Performer
Céline Gillain (born 1979 in Liège) is a Belgian musician, video and performance artist living and working in Brussels. She has performed at MUHKA, WORM, Beursschouwburg, NICC, BOZAR.

Her performance work is a hybrid combination of story telling, one-woman-show and catchy pop songs. 

She's interested in shaping stories out of pop culture and mass information in relation to the intimate sphere, exploring ways to make sense out of it. She imagines a wide-open world where it would feel natural for a woman to play and embody a multitude of personas. Dealing with a certain neoliberal conformist imagery, her work questions the ways stories are told in the mainstream and how our sense of fiction can be perpetually challenged. 

She has released music on Brussels label Lexi Disques, and her first LP is due to be released on Parisian label Drama in December 2018.



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