Friday 9 November



About the Performer
Adam Christensen is a London based artist who makes performance, video, fabric and text works and  performs with the music project Ectopia. Christensen recently performed at David Roberts Art Foundation (DRAF), Southard Reid, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) and Hollybush Gardens in London. Christensen works primarily in video and performance, also writing, music, collaboration, installation and fabric-works. His art practice is informed by experience and environment as well as the emotional and  physical both within himself and those around him. The work draws on elements of biography and theatricality that combine and intertwine with the audience blurring the lines between the artist and viewer, life and fiction. Using an expressionist language sometimes mixed with an economy of material, he utilises personal spaces to act as venues and stages for performances that explore the everyday as spectacle and back to the everyday again. 

The performances of Adam Christensen are mere moments of pure grace. His alter-ego, Madam, wanders through space and sings broken biographical love stories, accompanied by an accordion. And as soon as Madam sings, the atmosphere turns into a cabaret.


Adam Christensen
Red Bra in a Martini Glass
Photo: Valts Vitums