153 1/2 Stanton Street
New York, 10002

+1 617 678 4440

About the Gallery
Kai Matsumiya operates with the belief that the contemporary art gallery has not caught up to the realities of art, and how art should thus live and breathe in its own times and terms. Experimentation for its own sake is celebrated for the purpose of encouraging failure; for it is failure which promotes possibilities, opportunities, and a defense of dignity. The gallery asserts the spirit as being vital as the program. Kai Matsumiya takes pride in its celebration of diversity and beautiful insecurities across all types of categories, social, artistic, or otherwise. Insecurities bring life to ambivalences as opposed to bringing about vagueness, and displaces supreme simplistic confidence for sonething more thoughtful and reflective. The gallery also takes the saying “doing everything wrong in the best ways possible”, literally.

Our activities include staging 11 solo exhibitions in a month, disturbing environments of trust fund kids at beach resorts and the Harvard alumni club, kicking out art shopper flippers who represent the lowest of the low echelons of the art world, monthly discussion events, staging DIY  opera, creating book publications with good publishing houses, refilling a few art works with cockroaches or sometimes plants inside automated vacuum machines like the roomba, anti-presentations at places and contexts like the Venice biennial,   and saying thank you to the old neighborhood residents who like our art, particularly to the old toothless one who gives us rotting cupcakes while saying goodbye to the cheap operators both young and old. 


Rainer Ganahl, courtesy of Kai Matsumiya

Maryam Jafri, courtesy of Kai Matsumiya

Maryam Jafri, courtesy of Kai Matsumiya

Elliott Jamal Robbins, courtesy of Kai Matsumiya

Elliott Jamal Robbins, courtesy of Kai Matsumiya