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1 Rue Charles-François Dupuis
75003 Paris

+ 33 9 53 69 55 35

About the Gallery
Galerie Joseph Tang opened in 2011 in the Marais District in Paris, at the former project space of the artist Victor Boullet, The Institute of Social Hypocrisy. The gallery produces concise exhibitions of international contemporary artists, with a particular emphasis on artist born after 1970s. The gallery demands artists to respond to the very specific second floor exhibition space and encourage a collaborative relationship between the artists. Aside from their own practice, the artists are free to dialogue in an academically horizontal platform, encouraged to cross-pollinate ideas that fusion into a cohesive gallery program structure. This emphasis on the horizontality eliminates the hierarchy of the traditional gallery structure, less as a commercial relationship then as an active partner, be it intellectually or economically, for each artist production.


Julie Béna, courtesy of Galerie Joseph Tang 

Julie Béna, courtesy of Galerie Joseph Tang