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209 SW 9th Avenue
Portland, Oregon

+1 503 724 0684

About the Gallery
Adams and Ollman is an art gallery specializing in work by 20th-century self-taught American artists and contemporary artists whose practices reflect an intuitive influence. The gallery was founded in 2013 in an intimate space in downtown Portland, Oregon, by Amy Adams, who had formerly been a director at Philadelphia's Fleisher/Ollman Gallery. Adams & Ollman opened with an exhibition of archival works by the late Philadelphia sculptor Bill Walton and has subsequently exhibited the work of artists such as Ellen Cantor, James Castle, Vaginal Davis, Katherine Bradford, and Brion Nuda Rosch, among others. Exhibitions often juxtapose the work of contemporary artists with self-taught, anonymous, and folk artists, creating a dialogue between diverse artistic practices and leveling the distinction between contemporary and “outsider” art.