2033/2037 Fifth Avenue
New York NY 10035

+1 212 924 7545

About the Gallery
Elizabeth Dee opened her first gallery in 1997 at 118 Mercer Street, designed as an intimate space to create exhibitions and research. The gallery established its first public space in 2002 in Chelsea, introducing emerging and mid career artists, and developing their careers and a program of innovative cultural strategies that engaged the spaces between the museum, gallery and fair.

Since its inception, the gallery program has resulted in over 100 critically acclaimed exhibitions, publications and productions by contemporary artists responding to the changing landscape of contemporary art and larger culture. Dee has written, curated and spoken widely on the changing landscape of gallery practice and the art market.

In February 2016, the new gallery opened at its current location in Harlem, a landmark cultural site that was formerly the building of the original Studio Museum in Harlem, established in 1968. Next to the location is the original Black National Theatre, which has occupied the site since the 1960s.

Artist List

Artists Represented 
Mac Adams
Mark Barrow & Sarah Parke
Philippe Decrauzat
Leo Gabin
John Giorno
Annette Lemieux,
Miranda Lichtenstein
Carl Ostendarp
Joel Otterson
Julia Wachtel

Works Available by
Doug Ashford
Gábor Attalai
Imre Bak
László Beke
Lisa Beck
Gretchen Bender
Miklós Erdély
Derek Fordjour
Ferenc Ficzek
Tibor Gáyor
Gyula Gulyás
Howard Halle
Tamás Hencze
Tibor Hajas
Károly Halász

István Haraszty
Emily Henretta
Lucia Hierro
György Jovánovics
Ilona  Keserü Ilona
Károly Kismányoky
Sherrie Levine
Frank Majore
Katalin Ladik
László Lakner
Dóra Maurer
János Megyik
László Méhes
István Nádler
Peter Nagy

Steven Parrino
Gyula Pauer
Pécs Workshop
Géza Perneczky
Sándor Pinczehelyi
Adrian Piper
Kenny Rivero
Walter Robinson
Tamás Szentjóby
Kálmán Szijártó
Bálint Szombathy
Endre Tót
Ryan Trecartin
János Vető
Joan Wallace | Wallace & Donohue