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D-50672 Köln

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About the Gallery
Since its beginning, the activities of the gallery has focused on the discovery and promotion of unique artistic positions beyond popular trends. Origin of the exhibition program are Art Brut and Outsider Art. With their exploration of borderline areas, Delmes & Zander has systematically expanded prevailing concepts of art. In recent years, the gallery has increasingly presented works by anonymous artists. Exhibitions such as “Artist Unknown”, “Evidence of Ecstasy” and “The Erotic Outsider” examine such distinctive territories as pseudoscience, eroticism and voyeurism, and the occult, and thereby encompass new thematic complexes in the field of the arts.

A further focal point of the gallery’s activity is the reappraisal and preservation of artists’ estates including those of Horst Ademeit, Adelhyd van Bender, and “Margret – Chronicle of an Affair”, a project which has received great international attention. The conceptual emphasis in the gallery’s exhibitions raises questions about the accepted practices of curating, reception, and the production and historical contextualization of singular artistic positions, which cannot always be clearly categorized and yet are equitable with the traditional strategies of contemporary art.

Galerie Susanne Zander was founded in 1988 in Cologne. Nicole Delmes joined as co-owner in 2005. After more that 10 years of business partnership, gallery owners Nicole Delmes and Susanne Zander decided to act jointly as namesake of the gallery.

Artist List

Artists Represented
Horst Ademeit (estate)
Morton Bartlett
Evgen Bavcar
Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
William Crawford
Martin Erhard
Madge Gill
Paul Goesch
Blalla W. Hallmann

Margarethe Held
Chris Hipkiss
Paul Humphrey
Aurel Iselstöger (estate)
Karl Hans Janke
Foma Jaremtschuk
Karl Junker
Margret / Günter K. (estate)
Martina Kubelk

Johann Korec
Alexander Lobanov
Michel Nedjar
Heinrich Nüsslein
Dietrich Orth
Michail Paule
Prophet Royal Robertson
Andre Robillard
Bruno Schleinstein (estate)

Sava Sekulic
Miroslav Tichy
Oswald Tschirtner
Type 42 (anonymous) (estate)
Oskar Voll
August Walla
Wesley Willis
George Widener
Agatha Wojciechowsky