5130 W. Edgewood Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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About the Gallery
David Kordansky Gallery was first established in 2003 in LA’s Chinatown district. From its inception, Kordansky earned a reputation as one of the LA art scene’s keenest and most genuine representatives, and a significant force driving what has widely been dubbed the city’s “artistic renaissance”.

David Kordansky’s program quickly gained the gallery international acclaim but has remained distinctly Californian in its idiosyncratic openness. In creating a dialogue between deeply thoughtful pairings of work, it eludes the confines of a singular generation, medium, or individual artist. This unusual cross-pollination between young and old, critically-acclaimed and newly emergent, reflects David Kordansky’s fervent belief that, “a gallery should be a collective of ideas… [that] transcend time and place.”

To expand this capacity for dialogue, David Kordansky Gallery has since moved to a new location featuring adjacent, twin gallery spaces. In this way, the new spaces’ sprawling footage and refusal of visual hierarchy reflect the freeness of the gallery’s ethos and its near-religious belief in unconfined visual “magic”.

Artist List

Artists Represented 
Markus Amm
Harold Ancart
Kathryn Andrews
John Armleder
Will Boone
Matthew Brannon
Andrea Büttner
Valentin Carron
Steven Claydon
Aaron Curry

Andrew Dadson
Sam Gilliam
Jennifer Guidi
Zach Harris
Patrick Hill
Evan Holloway
Larry Johnson
Rashid Johnson
William E. Jones
Thomas Lawson

Tala Madani
Calvin Marcus
Chris Martin
Shahryar Nashat
Ruby Neri
David Noonan
Anthony Pearson
Mai-Thu Perret
Jon Pestoni
Pietro Roccasalva

Torbjørn Rødland
Ricky Swallow
Tom Of Finland
Lesley Vance
Mary Weatherford
John Wesley
Jonas Wood
Betty Woodman



Evan Holloway
Exhibition View David Kordansky Gallery, Independent New York 2016.
Courtesy of Independent New York
Photographer: Etienne Frossard

Andrea Büttner

Exhibition View David Kordansky Gallery, Independent, New York, 2015.

Courtesy of Independent, New York.

Photographer: Etienne Frossard